Cundall Family Tree

Whittaker Family Members
Name Details
Betty Whittaker b. 1910   23, King Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1910   23, King Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Brenda Whittaker b. 1907   23, King Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1997   the Nursing Home off Burnley Road, Accrington, Lancashire 
James Harrison Whittaker b. 1879   Bawdlands, Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1953   6, Faraday Avenue, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
John Breaks Whittaker b. 1914   12, Bawdlands, Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1991   the Royal Infermary, Blackburn, Lancashire 
Lylah Whittaker b. 1927   12, Bawdlands, Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Mary Elizabeth Whittaker b. 1908   23, King Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
d. 1909    
Maurice Whittaker b. 1943   Burnley, Lancashire. 
Olga Whittaker b. 1920   12, Bawdlands, Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Robert Whittaker b. 1858   Pendleton, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Cotton Weaver 
Sarah Whittaker b.