Frankland Family Tree

Shoesmith Family Members
Name Details
Hands Hilda Shoesmith b.     
William Shoesmith b. 1882   Accrington, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Quarryman (Gritstone Scappler) and later a Dairy Farmer 
William Shoesmith b. 1908   Hurst Green, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Poultry Farmer 
Maggie Shoesmith b. 1910   Hurst Green, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Jessie Shoesmith b. 1912   the Clitheroe Registration District. 
d. 1975   71 Church Street, Ribchester, near Preston, Lancashire 
Ralph Shoesmith b. 1913   the Clitheroe Registration District. 
Occupation: General Farm Labourer 
Elizabeth E. Shoesmith b. 1916   the Clitheroe Registration District. 
Occupation: Artificial Silk Weaver 
James Shoesmith b. 1918   the Clitheroe Registration District. 
Annie Shoesmith b. 1923   the Clitheroe Registration District. 
Peter J. Shoesmith b. 1942   the Amounderness Registration District. 
Barbara A. Shoesmith b. 1943   the Amounderness Registration District. 
David W. Shoesmith b. 1945   the Preston Registration District. 
Hazel Shoesmith b. 1945   the Settle Registration District. 
Judith M. Shoesmith b. 1947   the Ewecross Registration District. 
Daphne Shoesmith b. 1951   the Ewecross Registration District.