Frankland Family Tree

Staveley Family Members
Name Details
John Henry Staveley b. 1898   Morecambe 
d. 1973   the Garstang Registration District (Jun qtr) 
Occupation: Blacksmith and later Farm Carter at Mental Hospital 
Clifford Staveley b. 1921   the Preston Registration District. 
d. 1975   73 Cambridge Street, Preston 
Occupation: Farm Labourer 
John Henry Staveley b. 1923   the Preston Registration District. 
Maggie (Peggy) Staveley b. 1926   the Preston Registration District. 
Elizabeth Staveley b. 1930   Longridge 
d. 1960   the Preston Registration District (Sep qtr) 
Peter Staveley b. 1937   the Amounderness Registration District. 
Barbara Staveley b. 1938   the Amounderness Registration District. 
Eleanor Staveley b. 1941   the Amounderness Registration District.