Chew Family Tree

Armstrong Family Members
Name Details
Albert Edward Armstrong b. 1865   Manchester, Lancashire 
Occupation: Clerk (Cashier) 
Annie Maria Armstrong b. 1859   Manchester, Lancashire 
Colin William Armstrong b. 1888   Manchester, Lancashire 
Occupation: Stockbroker's Clerk 
Edith Alexander Armstrong b. 1862   Manchester, Lancashire 
Emily Adeline Armstrong b. 1857   Manchester, Lancashire 
John Armstrong b. 1831   Manchester, Lancashire 
d. 1893   the Manchester Registration District (Sep Quarter) 
Occupation: Surgeon M.R.C.S. General Practioner 
Roy Webb Armstrong b. 1880   Harpurhey, Manchester, Lancashire 
Occupation: Stock Brokers Clerk, and later qualifying for a Veterinary Surgeon 
William Armstrong b. 1855   Manchester, Lancashire 
Occupation: Surgeon G.P. M.R.C.S.