Haley Family Tree

Haley Family Members
Name Details
Charles Edward Haley b. 1853   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Cabinet Maker and Joiner 
Clarissa Haley b. 1882   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Tailoress 
Elizabeth Haley b. 1855   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1907   Leeds, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Cloth Burler 
Elizabeth (Eliza) Haley b. 1894   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Tailoress 
Ellen Haley b. 1852   Richmond Hill, Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Linen Weaver 
Emma Haley b. 1846   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Flax Spinner 
George Thomas Haley b. 1891   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Hannah Haley b. 1846   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Flax Spinner 
James Edward Haley b. 1886   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Joiner 
Joseph Haley b.     
Occupation: Cloth Dresser 
Joseph Haley b. 1848   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Wheel Cutter (Iron), Tool Fitter and Carting Agent 
Joseph Henry Haley b. 1889   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Clothiers Assistant 
Lily Haley b. 1880   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Tailoress 
Mary Haley b. 1850   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Millie Haley b. 1906   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Samuel Haley b. 1839   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1899   Fulham Registration District 
Occupation: Iron Turner 
Sarah Haley b. 1849   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1851   Leeds, Yorkshire 
Sophia Haley b. 1857   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
d. 1885-91    
Occupation: Cloth Burler 
Thomas Haley b. 1814   Crosland Moor, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. 
c. 1815   Longwood, Huddersfield, Yorkshire 
d. 1890   Leeds, Yorkshire 
Occupation: Cloth Dresser and Labourer in Iron Works 
Thomas William (Tom) Haley b. 1884   Leeds, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Pawnbroker's Apprentice 
William Haley b. 1813   Huddersfield, Yorkshire. 
c. 1813   Longwood, Huddersfield, Yorkshire 
d. 1871/81    
Occupation: Belt Joiner in Flax Mill, Waterman and Sawyer