Turnor Family Tree

Turnor Family Members
Name Details
?????? Turnor b.     
?????? Turnor b.     
Ada Turnor b. 1888   50, Arundel Street, Walsall, Staffordshire. 
d. 1934   101, Knightlow Road, Harborne, Birmingham 
Ada Turnor b. 1911   Birmingham, Warwickshire 
Alyssa M. Turnor b. 1988    
Amy Florence Turnor b. 1875   24 Court, Great King Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
d. 1965    
Amy Hadley Turnor b. 1850   Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
Andrew Turnor b.     
Ann V Turnor b. 1946   Romford, London 
Annie Sylvia Turnor b. 1873    
d. 1948    
Occupation: Dressmaker 
April R Turnor b. 1961   St Austell, Cornwall 
Barbara Ogwen Turnor b. 1902   Tal-y-Cefn, North Wales. 
Beatrice Turnor b. 1880   1 Court, New Summer Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
Occupation: Tailoress 
Benjamin (Ben) Turnor b. 1851   Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
Occupation: Enameller, Electroplater, Brass Finisher and Polisher 
Benjamin James Turnor b. 1870   George Street West, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
d. 1949   Birmingham 
Occupation: Brass Polisher. He worked on Horse Brasses for Shutt and Marshalls 
Brenda May Turnor b. 1914   Edgbaston, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
d. 1990   West Cornwall Hospital, Penzance, Cornwall 
Occupation: Sub Postmistress at Praa Sands, Cornwall 
Brian Richard Turnor b. 1977    
Caitlyn E. Turnor b. 1986    
Charles (Charlie) Turnor b. 1878   20 Court, Hospital Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
Occupation: Electroplate Polisher and Finisher 
Charlotte Turnor b. 1804    
c. 1804   St Martin's Church, Birmingham 
David J Turnor b. 1947   Redruth, Cornwall 
Deborah Anne Turnor b.     
Dorothy Turnor b. 1892   Solihull, Wakwickshire 
Edith Alice Turnor b. 1899   Nuthurst, Warwickshire. 
Edward John Turnor b. 1917    
d. 1999    
Elizabeth Amy (Cissie) Turnor b. 1900   Walsall, Staffordshire. 
d. 2002   Birmingham 
Elizabeth Ann Turnor b. 1940    
Elizabeth Ann Turnor b. 1961    
Elsie May Turnor b. 1904   Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
d. 1995   Helston, Cornwall 
Eugenie Myrtilla Taylor Turnor b. 1856   Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
c. 1861   Shirley, near Birmingham 
d. 1903   Birmingham 
Excuperious Taylor Turnor b. 1858   Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
c. 1861   Shirley, near Birmingham 
Occupation: Steel Pen Clerk 
Flo Turnor b.    
Frank Turnor b. 1884   74 Queen Street, Walsall, Staffordshire. 
Occupation: Electro Plate Polisher and Finisher 
George Turnor b. 1910   Walsall, Staffordshire. 
Graham Alexander Turnor b. 1968   St Austell, Cornwall 
Harry Taylor Turnor b. 1866   Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
Occupation: Pen Manufacturer 
Harry Victor Turnor b. 1897   Edgbaston, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
Hilda Turnor b. 1899   Wandsworth, London 
Hilda Mary Turnor b. 1892    
Hilda Maud Turnor b. 1908   Birmingham, Warwickshire 
Horace Charles (Jack) Turnor b. 1907   Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
d. 1953   St Austell, Cornwall 
Occupation: Hairdresser 
Horace Philip Turnor b. 1890   Walsall, Staffordshire. 
d. 1964    
Jessica Turnor b.     
John A Turnor b. 1935   Romford, Essex 
Kathleen Ann Turnor b. 1952    
Kathleen Gladys Turnor b. 1894   Berkswell, Warwickshire 
Laetitia Taylor (Lettie) Turnor b. 1859   Solihull, near Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
c. 1861   Shirley, near Birmingham 
Lilly Taylor Turnor b. 1867   Somerset Villa, Harborne, Staffordshire. 
Marjorie Lydia Turnor b. 1900   Carnaervon, Wales 
Matthew Philip Turnor b. 1965    
Maud Elizabeth Turnor b. 1886   Walsall, Staffordshire. 
d. 1974    
Occupation: Teacher 
May Turnor b. 1882   74 Queen Street, Walsall, Staffordshire. 
d. 1956    
Michael Turnor b. 1817   Gosta Green, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
c. 1817   St Martin's Church, Birmingham 
d. 1895   Kings Norton (Registration District) 
Occupation: Edge Tool Maker and Steel Pen Manufacturer 
Michael Cecil B. Turnor b. 1895   Berkswell, Worcestershire. 
Michael P. Turnor b.     
Michael Patrick Turnor b. 1979    
Michael Philip Turnor b. 1971    
Michael Taylor Turnor b. 1854   Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
c. 1861   Shirley, near Birmingham 
d. 1873   Solihull, near Birmingham 
Mildred Turnor b. 1904   Leicester, Leicestershire 
Montague Turnor b. 1906   Leicester, Leicestershire 
Myrtilla Turnor b. 1803    
c. 1803   St Phillip's Church, Birmingham 
d. 1875   Edmonton 
Philip Albert Turnor b. 1898   Walsall, Staffordshire. 
d. 1984   Hillingdon, London 
Philip Wright Turnor b. 1937    
Richard Edward Turnor b. 1949    
Rowland Turnor b. 1810    
c. 1810   St Martin's Church, Birmingham 
Sadie Eugenie Turnor b. 1896   Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
Sally Ann Turnor b. 1936   Hendon, London 
Sarah Ann Taylor Turnor b. 1861   Solihull, near Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
c. 1861   Shirley, near Birmingham 
Stanford Thomas Turnor b. 1814    
c. 1815   St Martin's Church, Birmingham 
Tom Hubert T Turnor b. 1898   Wandsworth, London 
Tom Taylor Turnor b. 1863   Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
Occupation: Commercial Traveller 
Valeria A (Val) Turnor b. 1964   St Austell, Cornwall 
Violet Dora Turnor b. 1892   USA. 
William Turnor b.     
Occupation: Gentleman (in 1817) and a Clerk (in 1849) 
William Turnor b. 1807    
c. 1807   St Martin's Church, Birmingham