HippisleyCox Family Tree

Hippisley-Cox Family Members
Name Details
Angela Christine Hippisley-Cox b. 1946   424 Ridgacre Road, Quinton, Birmingham. 
Betty Hippisley-Cox b. 1921    
Catherine May Hippisley-Cox b. 1992   Sheffield, Yorkshire. 
Charles Ian Hippisley-Cox b. 1959   102 Knightlow Road, Harborne, Birmingham. 
Occupation: University Lecturer 
Clarence Francis Hippisley-Cox b. 1893   Birmingham, Warwickshire 
d. 1917   Ypres, Belgium. 
Occupation: Gem Setter for a Jeweller, and later Lance Corporal of the Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment, 2nd Battalion - G/24056 
Cyril Hippisley-Cox b. 1897   Handsworth, Staffordshire 
David James Hippisley-Cox b. 1999    
c. 2002   Boughton, Nottinghamshire 
Denis Hippisley-Cox b. 1916   9, Antrobus Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, Warwickshire. 
d. 1975   16, Oakham Road, Harborne, Birmingham, Warwickshire 
Occupation: Salesman 
Edward John Hippisley-Cox b. 1990   Sheffield, Yorkshire. 
Elizabeth Hippisley-Cox b. 1987   Sheffield, Yorkshire. 
Emma Elizabeth Hippisley-Cox b. 1981    
Flora Jane Hippisley-Cox b. 2001    
c. 2002   Boughton, Nottinghamshire 
Guy Esmond Hippisley-Cox b. 1993    
Isabel Hippisley-Cox b. 1995   Bournemouth, Dorset. 
Jeffrey Denis Hippisley-Cox b. 1950   424 Ridgacre Road, Quinton, Birmingham. 
Occupation: Chartered Accountant 
Joan Hippisley-Cox b. 1924    
John Douglas Hippisley-Cox b. 1922    
d. 1990    
Jonathon Jeffrey Hippisley-Cox b. 1984    
Kathleen Hippisley-Cox b. 1945    
Linda Hippisley-Cox b. 1950    
Philip Hippisley-Cox b. 1914    
d. 1951    
Occupation: Poultry Farm worker 
Ralph Victor Hippisley-Cox b. 1891   Aston Manor, Warwickshire. 
d. 1965    
Occupation: Gem Setter for a Jeweller 
Richard Hippisley-Cox b. 1968    
Rosemary Ann Hippisley-Cox b. 1998    
Stanley Hippisley-Cox b. 1923    
d. 2009    
Stephen David Hippisley-Cox b. 1963   Portland Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 
Occupation: Clergyman 
Terence Hippisley-Cox b. 1927    
d. 1944    
Occupation: Private in the Royal Army