Bleazard Family Tree

Robinson Family Members
Name Details
Ada Robinson b. 1869   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
c. 1870   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales 
Agnes Robinson b. 1903   Nannerch, Flintshire, Wales. 
Agnes Anne Robinson b. 1878   Everton House, Penmaenan, Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales. 
d. 1892   Hawarden Villa, Dwygyfylchi, Penmaenmawr, Carnarvonshire 
Agnes Ellen Robinson b. 1871   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
Alice Robinson b.    
Alice Robinson b. 1846   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
Alice Robinson b. 1865   Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
Alice Annie Robinson b. 1867   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales. 
c. 1867   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales 
Occupation: Domestic Servant 
Ann Robinson b. 1851   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
Annie Robinson b. 1883   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1883   St Mary's Church, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Blodwen Robinson b. 1914   Oakland House, Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
d. 1992   Llandudno General Hospital 
Occupation: State Registered Nurse and became a Director of a Nursing Home in Birmingham 
Bolton Robinson b.     
Occupation: Operative 
Bolton Robinson b. 1893   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1893   St Mary's Church, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
d. 1896   the Clitheroe Registration District, Lancashire (Mar Quarter) 
Dorothy Robinson b. 1920    
d. 2002   Conwy, Wales 
Edith Robinson b. 1860   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Elizabeth Robinson b. 1857   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
Elizabeth Alice Robinson b. 1875   Everton House, Penmaenan, Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales. 
Elsie May Robinson b. 1888   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1888   St Mary's Church, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Emily Isabella Robinson b. 1864   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
c. 1864   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales 
Occupation: Domestic Servant 
Fanny Robinson b. 1863   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
c. 1863   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales 
Occupation: Domestic Servant 
Fanny Robinson b. 1899   Nannerch, Flintshire, Wales. 
Francis Robinson b. 1826   Yorkshire. 
c. 1827    
Francis Robinson b. 1859   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
c. 1859   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales 
Occupation: Farmer 
Frank Robinson b. 1902   Nannerch, Flintshire, Wales. 
Grace Robinson b. 1852   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1928    
Occupation: Cowkeeper 
Henry Robinson b. 1822    
c. 1822    
Henry (Harry) Robinson b. 1865   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
c. 1865   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales 
d. 1934   Walgoch, Nannerch, Flintshire, Wales 
Occupation: Farmer 
Isaac Robinson b. 1854   Fowlscales, Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1927   Hawarden Villa, Dwygyfylchi, Penmaenmawr, Carnarvonshire 
Occupation: Coal Dealer, Concrete Road Labourer, Gardener, Butcher and Carter 
Isabella Robinson b. 1814   Burnley, Lancashire. 
James Robinson b.     
James Robinson b.    
James Robinson b. 1859   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
James Robinson b. 1862   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales. 
Occupation: Stone Mason 
Jane Robinson b. 1811    
c. 1811   Whitewell, Lancashire 
Jane Robinson b. 1849   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1882    
Jane Elizabeth Robinson b. 1856   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
John Robinson b. 1817   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1817    
Occupation: Agricultural Labourer, Grocer and Cowkeeper 
John Robinson b. 1901   Nannerch, Flintshire, Wales. 
John B. Robinson b. 1850   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
John Francis Robinson b. 1881   Bank House, Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales. 
d. 1957   3 Paradise Street, Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales 
Occupation: Master Plumber, and Painter 
Leonard Robinson b. 1892   Nantlle, Caernavon. 
Lydia Robinson b. 1861   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales. 
c. 1861   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales 
Occupation: Domestic Servant 
Mabel Robinson b. 1868   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
c. 1869   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales 
Mabel Robinson b. 1890   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1890   St Mary's Church, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Occupation: Dairy Maid 
Marianne Robinson b. 1858   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
Occupation: Domestic Servant 
Marianne Robinson b. 1888   Bolton, Lancashire 
Marianne Robinson b. 1910   Nannerch, Flintshire, Wales. 
Mary Robinson b. 1870   Ulverston, Lancashire. 
Mary Ellen Robinson b. 1861   Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Domestic Servant 
Percival Robinson b. 1887   Bank House, Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales. 
Occupation: Telegraph Messenger 
Phoebe Robinson b. 1854   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
Ruth Robinson b. 1856   Crimptons, Lower Division Bowland and Forest, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
Seth Robinson b. 1824   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Husbandsman and Farmer 
Thomas Robinson b. 1782   Chipping, Lancashire. 
c. 1783    
Occupation: Farmer 
Thomas Robinson b. 1813    
c. 1813   Whitewell, Lancashire 
Thomas Robinson b. 1841   Leyland, Lancashire. 
Thomas Robinson b. 1917    
d. 2002    
Occupation: Plumber, working for his father and then for himself, but finished his career as the Chief Supervisor of the Cardinal Telephone Exchange in Leicester.   Upon his retirement he received the Imperial Service Medal for outstanding and long service with the GPO 
Thomas Brennand Robinson b. 1848   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Cowkeeper 
Thomas Porter Robinson b. 1857   Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
d. 1884   Kimel Terrace, Nantlle, Llandwrog, Caernarvon, Wales 
Occupation: Gardener 
Thomas Porter Robinson b. 1885   Bank House, Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales. 
d. 1917   Cambrai, France 
Occupation: Cowman 
Uvin Gerald Robinson b. 1890   Hawarden Villa, Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvon, Wales. 
d. 1913   Hawarden Villa, Dwygyfylchi, Penmaenmawr, Caernarvon, Wales. 
Occupation: Ship Steward 
Uvin Porter Robinson b. 1818   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1820   St Andrews Church, Slaidburn, Yorkshire 
d. 1895   Pimlico, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Occupation: Herdsman, Butcher and Farmer 
Uvin Porter Robinson b. 1885   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
c. 1885   St Mary's Church, Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Occupation: Shop Assistant 
Uvin Porter Robinson b. 1916    
d. 1997    
Vernon Robinson b. 1888   Clitheroe, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Calico Printers Labourer 
William Robinson b.     
Occupation: Farmer 
William Robinson b. 1814   Newton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire. 
c. 1815   Whitewell, Lancashire 
Occupation: Joiner 
William Porter Robinson b. 1897   Nannerch, Flintshire, Wales. 
Occupation: Farmer