Frankland Family Tree

Seed Family Members
Name Details
Amos Seed b. 1891   Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Annie Seed b. 1884   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Ellen (Nellie) Seed b. 1887   Browsholme, Yorkshire. 
George Seed b. 1893   Clitheroe, Lancashire 
Henry Seed b. 1879   Chipping, Lancashire. 
John James Seed b. 1883   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Farmer 
Maggie Seed b. 1882   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Mary Jane Seed b. 1889   Browsholme, Yorkshire. 
Ralph Seed b. 1855   Chipping, Lancashire. 
Occupation: Carrier and Farmer 
Ralph Seed b. 1886   Browsholme, Yorkshire. 
Ralph J. Seed b. 1930   the Clitheroe Registration District (Sep. Qtr) 
Tom Seed b. 1906   Pendleton, Lancashire