Chew Family Tree

Robinson Family Members
Name Details
Amelia Johnson Robinson b. 1870   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Confectioner 
Benjamin Robinson b. 1838   Barnoldwsick, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Postmaster, Tailor, Draper and Local Methodist Preacher 
Benjamin Donald Robinson b. 1909   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
d. 1963   5 High Street, Swanage, Dorset 
Occupation: Master Baker 
Edith Robinson b. 1868   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Schoolmistress, and later a Tea Canvasser 
Edith Robinson b. 1910   Longridge, Lancashire 
Emily Robinson b. 1877   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Dressmaker and Schoolteacher 
Ernest Osborne Robinson b. 1873   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Postmaster and Grocer 
Gladstone Robinson b. 1865   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Postal Telegraph Clerk 
Mary Robinson b. 1879   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Postmaster's Assistant 
Morley Punshon Robinson b. 1881   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Footman, and later a Boot and Shoe Dealer and Repairer, and later a Steward of a Masonic Hall 
Priscilla Margaret Robinson b. 1866   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: Milliner and Dressmaker 
Stanley Vincent Robinson b. 1875   Gisburn, Yorkshire. 
Occupation: House Painter