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Isaac Cundall (1874 - 1939)


Isaac Cundall was the son of Thomas Cundall and Alice Cornthwaite.

Isaac was born on Friday 20 November 1874 in Cragg, Foulridge, Colne, Lancashire.

Isaac married Martha Ann (Cissie) Scott on Saturday 4 June 1898 in Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel, Lowergate, Clitheroe, Lancashire.
The witnesses at the marriage were Fredrich William Ames and Ann Rothwell Grundy.
Isaac was 23 years old and Martha was 27 years old when they married.

He had the following children from his marriage to Martha Ann (Cissie) Scott:

- Frederick Thomas Eastwood Cundall

born on 21 May 1899 in 39, Woone Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire.

- Margaret Alice (Maggie) Cundall

born on 27 September 1904 in 5, Waterloo Road, Clitheroe, Lancashire.

- Mary Ann (Molly) Cundall

born on 2 November 1909 in 21, Duck Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire.

The places where he lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1874    Cragg, Foulridge, Colne, Lancashire.  Note 1. 
1881    5, Bank Street, Great and Little Marsden, Lancashire.  Census Data. 
1891  1898  16, Turner Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Census Data & Note 4. 
1899  1901  39, Woone Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Notes 5 & Census Data. 
1904    5, Waterloo Road, Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Note 7. 
1909  1919  21, Duck Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Note 8. 

Isaac was a Mineral Water Carter and Licensee of the Brown Cow Inn in Clitheroe.

Isaac died when he was 64 years old, on Sunday 8 October 1939 in The Brown Cow Inn, Moor Lane, Clitheroe. Lancashire.   The cause of his death was Cerebral Haemorrhage and Bulbar Paralysis.   Martha Ann Cundall (his wife) was the informant of his death.

The Obituary, shown on the Documents page (see 'Documents' link above) was provided by Burnley Central Library.

He was buried on Wednesday 11 October 1939 in St Mary's Church, Clitheroe.

Notice is hereby given that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between Isaac Cundall and Frederick William Ames, carrying on business as Mineral Water Manufacturers, at Borough Mineral Water Works, Duck Street, Clitheroe, in the county of Lancaster, under the style or firm of AMES AND CUNDALL, has been dissolved by mutual consent as from the date hereof, so far as concerns the said Isaac Cundall, who retires from the said firm. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by Frederick William Ames, who will continue to carry on the said business under the style or firm of Ames and Cundall.¬óDated this 7th day of January, 1933.
Related information: See also DDX 519/45
Blackpool and District Mineral Water Manufacturers' and Bottlers' Trades Protection Association Ltd year book DDX 519/65/1 1927

According to Margaret Dixon (Isaac Cundall's Grand Daughter):

Isaac Cundall was a very smart man, and he spoilt his grand daughter Margaret.
He never called her Margaret, she always got called Jim (why, she doesn't know).

Margaret has a bottle from when Isaac was in partnership with Fred Ames at the Mineral Water Works.    It is an old one with a marble in the neck at the top of the bottle, and there was a certain way to hold the bottle to pour the pop out.    Margaret also gave Tom (Tom Cundall Baker) a bottle.

She can remember years ago that Isaac had blue and white pint pots in the pub.    Also there were coal fires and, in the winter time, the men in the top room at the pub used to put the poker in the fire and get it hot and put it into their beer to warm it.    Isaac would not let women go in the rooms of the pub.    He used to say it's a man's pub, but he let women go in the living room and have a drink in there.

Notes - Sources of information:
1. Birth Certificate.
4. Marriage Certificate.
5. Birth Certificate of his son Frederick Thomas Eastwood.
7. Birth Certificate of his daughter Margaret Alice.
8. Birth Certificate of his daughter Mary Ann (Molly) and Death Certificate of his mother Alice Cornthwaite.

Census Data:

Year Address
1881 5 Bank Street, Great and Little Marsden, Lancashire.
1891 16 Turner Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire.
1901 39 Woone Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire.
1911 21 Duck Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire.
1939 Brown Cow, 40 Moor Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire.