Cundall Family Tree

Isaac Parker (Ike) Cundall (1924 - 2006)


Isaac Parker (Ike) Cundall was the son of Daniel Cundall and Mary Ann Chew.

Ike was born on Wednesday 5 March 1924 in Wheatley Carr Farm, Wheatley Carr Booth, near Nelson Lancashire.

He was named after either his father's step-brother, Isaac Parker, or his great gandfather, Isaac Blezard Cundall, who both died within a week of each other in 1923.

Ike married Florence (Flo) Jennings on Thursday 28 June 1945 in the Methodist Church and School, Paper (?) Road, Hawksworth Wood Estate, Kirkstall, Leeds.
The witnesses at the marriage were D.Jennings (Florence's sister), C.Jennings (Florence's mother), J.D.Cundall (Ike's brother) and D.Cundall (Ike's father).
Ike was 21 years old and Florence was 25 years old when they married.

He had the following children from his marriage to Florence (Flo) Jennings:

- Angela Cundall

born in 1947 (date suppressed).

- Margaret Cundall

born in 1948 (date suppressed) in the Maternity Hospital, Leeds.

- Peter Cundall

born in 1949 (date suppressed).

The places where he lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1924    Wheatley Carr Farm, Wheatley Carr Booth, near Nelson Lancashire.  Note 1. 
1939    Ormsgill Green Farm, Settle, Yorkshire.  Census Data 
1945    The Croft, Coniston Cold, near Skipton.  Note 2. 
1948    87, Lea Farm Road, Leeds, 5.  Note 3. 
1990  2006  Acomb, York. (Details suppressed).   

Ike was a Railway Fireman, Flight Sergeant in R.A.F., Telegraph Wireman, S.W.O. (Station Warrant Officer) in R.A.F..

Ike died on Sunday 23 July 2006 in Acomb, York.   The cause of his death was a Heart Attack.  

He was buried on Wednesday 2 August 2006 in Acomb, York.

A church service was hald at The Church of the Holy Redeemer in York, followed by a small service at the Crematorium in York. This was followed by a small gathering for family and close friends at The Newington Hotel in York.

Notes - Sources of information:
1. Birth Certificate.
2. Marriage Certificate.
3. Birth Certificate of his daughter Margaret.

Census Data:

Year Address
1939 Ormsgill Green Farm, Settle, Yorkshire.