Cundall Family Tree

Fanny Cundall (1871 - 1952)


Fanny Cundall was the daughter of Thomas Cundall and Alice Cornthwaite.

Fanny was born on Sunday 21 May 1871 in Foulridge, Colne, Lancashire.

She was christened on Sunday 9 July 1871 at St James, Accrington, Lancashire.

Fanny married Henry (Harry) Ormerod on Wednesday 4 May 1892 in Christ Church, Colne, Lancashire.
The witnesses at the marriage were Isaac Cundall (Fanny's brother) and Mary Cundall (Fanny's sister).
Fanny was 21 years old and Henry was 24 years old when they married.

She had the following children from her marriage to Henry (Harry) Ormerod:

- Fred Ormerod

born around 1893 in Colne, Lancashire.

- Tom Ormerod

born on 29 November 1897 in Colne, Lancashire.

The places where she lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1871    Foulridge, Colne, Lancashire.  Note 1. 
1881    5, Bank Street, Great and Little Marsden, Lancashire.  Census Data. 
1891    Parker's Arms, Church Street, Colne, Lancashire.  Census Data. 
1892    Newmarket Street, Colne, Lancashire.  Note 4. 
1901    1 Garden Row, Nelson, Lancashire.  Census Data. 
1911  1952  74 Princess Street, Nelson, Lancashire.  Census Data & Wills and Admin 

Fanny was a Domestic Servant.

Fanny died when she was 80 years old, on Friday 15 February 1952 in 74 Princess Street, Nelson, Lancashire.   The cause of her death was Heart Failure.  

Notes - Sources of information:
1. See 1901 Census. Fanny's birthplace.
4. Marriage Certificate.

Census Data:

Year Address
1881 5 Bank Street, Great and Little Marsden, Lancashire.
1891 Parker's Arms, Church Street, Colne, Lancashire.
1901 1 Garden Row, Nelson, Lancashire.
1911 74 Princess Street, Nelson, Lancashire.
1939 74 Princess Street, Nelson, Lancashire.