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Henry Hanwell (1860 - 1948)

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Henry Hanwell was born on Friday 8 June 1860 in Shenley, Hertfordshire.

Henry married Olive Mary Wing in 1896 in the Watford Registration District.

The places where he lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1861    Shenley, Hertfordshire.  Note 1. 
1901    Butcher's Shop, Shenley, Hertfordshire.  Census Data. 
1911    Shenley, Near Barnett, Hertfordshire.  Census Data. 

Henry was a Butcher.

Henry died on Thursday 30 September 1948 in Southgate Cottage, New Road, Shenley, Hertfordshire.  

Notes - Sources of information:
1. See 1901 Census. Henry's birthplace.

Census Data:

Year Address
1901 Butcher's Shop, Shenley, Hertfordshire.
1911 Shenley, Near Barnett, Hertfordshire.
1939 Southgate Cottage, New Road, Shenley, Hertfordshire.