Bleazard Family Tree

Frances (Fanny) Bleazard (1820 - 1888)


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Frances (Fanny) Bleazard was the daughter of Isaac Bleazard and Jane (Jinney) Topham.

Fanny was born on Sunday 23 April 1820 in Boococks, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.

She was christened on Sunday 23 April 1820 at St Andrews Church, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.

Fanny married Thomas Cundall on Monday 15 April 1839 in the Parish Church in Bolton by Bowland, Yorkshire.
The witnesses at the marriage were Robert Hornley, John Blezard (Frances's brother) and Margaret Ellis.
Fanny was about 19 years old and Thomas was about 28 years old when they married.

See Spouse for details of their children.

The places where she lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1820    Boococks, Slaidburn, Yorkshire.  Note 1. 
1839    Bolton Peel, near Bolton by Bowland, near Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Note 2. 
1841  1853  Hareden, Bolton Forest, near Slaidburn, Yorkshire.  Notes 3, 4 & 5. 
1856    York Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Note 6. 
1859  1860  Wellgate, Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Note 7. 
1871    Under Billing, Inside Park, Witton, Blackburn, Lancashire.  Note 8. 
1881    13 Church Brow, Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Note 9. 
1888    Chatburn, near Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Note 10. 

Fanny was a Dairymaid (after she was widowed).

Fanny died when she was 67 years old, on Monday 23 January 1888 in Chatburn, near Clitheroe, Lancashire.   The cause of her death was Broncho Pneumonia, which she had had for 14 days.   Walter Tomlinson (her Son-in-Law) was the informant of her death.

Fanny was the eldest of ten children.

Notes - Sources of information:
1. See Parish Registers and IGI. Address at the time of her Baptism.
2. Marriage Certificate.
3. See 1841 Census.
4. Birth Certificates of her children Jane, Isabella, Mary, Robert and Richard Cundall.
5. See 1851 Census.
6. Birth Certificate of her son James Cundall.
7. Birth Certificate of her children Alfred and Margaret Ellen Cundall.
8. See 1871 Census.
9. See 1881 Census.
10. Death Certificate.

Parish Registers:

Census Data:

Year Address
1841 Hareden, Bolton by Bowland.
1851 Hareden, Bolton by Bowland.
1871 Under Billing, Inside Park, Witton, Blackburn, Lancashire.
1881 13 Church Brow, Clitheroe.