Watkins Family Tree

Valentine Frederick (Val) Watkins (1887 - 1955)


Valentine Frederick (Val) Watkins was the son of Frederick William Watkins and Lydia Boaler.

Val was born on Monday 26 September 1887 in 76, High Street, Smethwick, Birmingham.

Val married Olive Margaret Thomas on Tuesday 10 October 1916 in St Augustine's Church, Edgbaston, Birmingham.
The witnesses at the marriage were Chas. H.Watkins, J.Thomas (Olive's father), D.Watkins, F.W.Watkins (Val's father) and A.E.Thomas (Olive's mother).
Val was 29 years old and Olive was 27 years old when they married.

He had the following children from his marriage to Olive Margaret Thomas:

- Clive Valentine Watkins

born on 14 November 1920 in 62, Summerfield Crescent, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

The places where he lived have been identified as:

From To Place Source of Information
1887    76, High Street, Smethwick, Birmingham.  Birth Certificate. 
1901    42, Drayton Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.  Census Data 
1911    8 Algernon Road, Rotton Park, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Warwickshire.  Census Data 
1916    414, Gillott Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.  Marriage Certificate. 
1920    62, Summerfield Crescent, Edgbaston, Birmingham.  Note 4. 
193x  1953  56 Fitzroy Avenue, Harborne, Birmingham.  Note 5. 
1954  1955  Tredene, Sharmans Cross Road, Solihull, Warwickshire.  Note 6. 

Val was a Rope Manufacturer's Sales Manager and later a Company Director.

Val died when he was 68 years old, on Wednesday 2 November 1955 in Solihull, Warwickshire.  

He was buried on Monday 7 November 1955 in Solihull Cemetery, Warwickshire.

On the 1921 Census he was a Sales Manager, at a Rope Manufacturer called John & Edwin Wright Ltd, in Garrison Street, Birmingham.

In 1865-66, this company Invented and patented a cable strong enough to span the Atlantic ocean for the Atlantic Telegraph Co.

On the 1939 Census he was a General Manager, Rope Works and an Air Raid Warden

Notes - Sources of information:
4. Birth Certificate of his son Clive Valentine.
5. Dates provided by Michael Watkins, and from Death Certificate of Herbert Tarrant, his uncle.
6. Information provided by Michael Watkins.

Census Data:

Year Address
1891 74 Windmill Lane, Smethwick, Staffordshire.
1891 Alcester Road, Kings Norton, Worcestershire.
1901 42, Drayton Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.
1911 8 Algernon Road, Rotton Park, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Warwickshire.
1921 241 Rotton Park Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.
1939 56 Fitzroy Avenue, Harborne, Birmingham.