Bleazard Family Tree

1861 Census

Census Place Address Surname Forenames Relation to Head of Family Condition Age Sex Occupation Where Born Calculated Birth Date
Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvonshire, Wales Farm Yard House Robinson Uvin P. Head  Married   40  Male Herdsman  Newton, Yorkshire  1820-21 
    Robinson Alice Wife  Married   31  Female   Boulton, Yorkshire  1829-30 
    Robinson John B. Son  Unmarried   10  Male Scholar  Newton, Yorkshire  1850-51 
    Robinson Isaac Son  Unmarried   6  Male Scholar  Newton, Yorkshire  1854-55 
    Robinson Jane E. Daur  Unmarried   5  Female Scholar  Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvonshire  1855-56 
    Robinson Thomas P. Son  Unmarried   3  Male Scholar  Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvonshire  1857-58 
    Robinson Francis Son  Unmarried   1  Male   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvonshire  1859-60 
    Robinson Lydia Daur  Unmarried   1 mth  Female   Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvonshire  1861 
    Lawson Thomas Lodger  Unmarried   22  Male Sawyer  Newton, Yorkshire  1838-39 
    Cundall Isaac B. Lodger  Unmarried   21  Male Shepherd  Bolton, Yorkshire  1839-40 
    Robinson Thomas Lodger     18  Male Ag Lab  Geyland, Yorkshire  1842-43 
    Evans Robert Lodger  Unmarried   22  Male Ag Lab  North Wales  1838-39 
    Greenall William Lodger  Unmarried   18  Male Groom  Liverpool  1842-43 
    Williams Jane Servant  Unmarried   20  Female House Servant  Wales  1840-41